Elevated Security for Storing Funds

Use advanced tools and features designed to protect you from a variety of threats for your vacation rental revenue.

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Safeguarding Funds

FDIC Insurance Eligible

Thanks to our partner banks, your operating and trust accounts are FDIC Insurance eligible up to the standard federal maximum of $250K.

Automated Fraud Monitoring

Our engineering and compliance teams work together to build tools and processes that spot suspicious activities and stop them in their tracks automatically.

Regulated Partners

Deposits are held in federally-regulated checking accounts facilitated by our banking and payments partners.

Securing Payments

Robust Encryption

We utilize strong protocols that are the industry-standard to keep your data safe and confidential, at rest and in transit.

PCI Compliance

Card information is not stored on our servers and we uphold PCI compliance to ensure it stays safe as we know how important that information is.

Virtual Cards

We offer instant virtual cards through Visa you can create to use for specific online transactions, merchants, or categories to lessen risk.

Controlling Card Spend

Set Individual Daily Spend Limits

Set daily card spend limits individually for all cardholders. Freeze cards for any team member instantly through the Hostfi dashboard.

Restrict Merchant Categories

Only expecting a team member to buy supplies? Restrict or allow only specific merchant categories for individual cards to help guard against unauthorized spending.

Real-Time Notifications

Receive real-time text notifications for transactions on any card within your account to stay up-to-date.